Ljiljana Bastaić

Precongress Workshop Leader

Ljiljana Bastaić

Precongress Workshop Leader


Ljiljana is a physician with a specialization in psychiatry. Her area of psychotherapy expertise includes individual Integrative Gestalt therapy and couples therapy according to the Imago Relationship Therapy principles.

As a Clinical Instructor licensed by the Würzburg Institute for Integrative Gestalt Therapy (IGW), she participate in the training of psychotherapists in Gestalt therapy in Croatia. More about Gestalt and Gestalt therapy training can be found on association’s website www.gestalt-drustvo.hr.

In the capacity of a Clinical Instructor for the Imago Relationships International institute (IRI) she trains therapists who specialize in couples relational therapy www.imagorelationships.org

In order to become an Imago therapist one needs to integrate personal growth with a set of skills necessary for a successful guidance of therapy process for the improvement of the partner relationship. You can find more about the training details on www.ljiljanabastaic.com as well as the webpage of the association: http://imagoterapijaodnosa.weebly.com/

Several times a year she organize educational and experiential weekend workshops for couples “Getting the love you want”.



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Ability to connect and courage to differentiate

9:00 - 18:00
Borongaj Campus - Centre for Croatian Studies of the University of Zagreb