Ability to connect and courage to differentiate

Two-day Precongress Workshop
28 Sep 2016
9:00 - 18:00
Borongaj Campus - Centre for Croatian Studies of the University of Zagreb

Ability to connect and courage to differentiate

Introduction to Imago Relationship Therapy (for couples, families and groups)

In the world of the couple’s relationships, autonomy and belonging are seen as two key notions describing the quality of relationship. Imago Relationship Therapy works with both topics using processes of differentiating and connecting.
Becoming a healthy mature couple, parent or a satisfied member of an important group, includes ability to connect and a courage to differentiate. Imago Relationship Therapy is invested in working on a very delicate balance between those two polarities. It also includes understanding how we came to choose our partner, how our developmental black spots are included in the choices as well as suppression of parts of our Selves. We will talk about how living our lives together is driven by unconscious process unless everyone look closely at his/hers own burdens and contributions.

Workshop will focus on theoretical pillars of Imago relationship therapy introducing in the same time main tool for promoting differentiation and connection, Imago Intentional Dialogue. Intentional dialogue is a structured conversation which brings safety to the shared space. When safety is present partners can look at what they are really putting into the space “between” and take ownership of their part in the relationship

Practical part of the workshop consists of demonstrations and personal work in dyads.

Two day workshop is counted as an introduction into the training of Imago therapist and Imago facilitator.