EAP Congress 2016 Programme

Official languages of the Congress are English and Croatian. Simultaneous translation will be provided for keynote lectures, panel discussions and oral presentations

Friday, September 30th 2016

8:00 – 8:30  Registration
8:30 – 9:00  Congress Opening – Jadran Morović, president SPUH, Celia Scanlan, president EAP
9:00 – 10:30 Keynote lecture
Chair: Bezić I.
Jacobs L “The Ethic and Aesthetic of Embracing Homelessness: The Dangers of Feeling at Home“
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 – 13:00
Oral presentations (7×15′) 
Chair: Uštulica M.
Čarija M., Uštulica M., Perišić K. – Psychotherapy and Human Rights – How Are They Related?
Gioukakis G., Kakouri A., Lianos K. – Research on Therapeutic Alliance During the Course of Dyadic Psychotherapy in an Outpatient Centre
Goldner-Vukov M., Mijalković S. – Positive Family Therapy – A New Path of Strength and Virtue
Knežević Z., Petrović V. – The Relation of Attachment Styles and Attitudes Towards Psychotherapy
Mandić M. – Separately Together: Working Existentially in the Therapeutic Relationship
Narić S., Knaz Turčinović M., Marinić R. – The Use of Expressive Therapy Techniques in the Process of Psychotherapy Treatment
Mijalković S., Vukovic B. – From Psychotherapy Training through Self-Development to Well-being
Round table (90′) 
Chair: Bezić I.
Autonomy and a Sense of Belonging
Ljiljana Bastaić, Eugenius Laurinaitis, Alfred Pritz, Peter Schutz, Ivana Slavković
Presentation with discussion (45′) 
Chair: Košćec Bjelajac A.
Vrancken P. “The delicate balance between autonomy and belonging; a fundamental conflict”Case studies (2×30′) 
Chair: Gjurković T.
Milčić Horvat A “Duality of Hope in Psychotherapy, When to Encourage it And When to Kill it. Comparison of Two Cases”
Gjurković T. “Using Play Therapy for Change in Young Children’s Partial Developed Script”
Workshop (120′): Jurić i Pacek V “Family Loyalities Transgenerational psychodrama
Workshop (120′): Jansen Estermann C “Intercultural Psychotherapy and Sensitivity“
Workshop  (120′): Novitsky N “Group Analytical Psychodrama”
Workshop (120′): Rady A “Double Binding: How to Integrate within Psychotherapeutic Process?”
Workshop  (120′): Tušup M, Ristović A “From Belonging To Autonomy And Back Through Integrative Approach”
13:00 – 14:30 Lunch
14:30 – 16:00 Keynote Lecture:
Chair: Butković Anđelić L.
Barnes G „A Harvest of Rewarding Ideas From the Adventure of Psychotherapy“
16:00 – 16:30 Coffee break
16:30 – 18:30
Oral presentations (8×15′) 
Chair: Žegura I.
Wilczynska A “How Socially Excluded Youth Experience and Satisfy Their Need of Belonging?”
Klemenčič Rozman MM “A Concept of a Family in GEFT in Terms of Autonomy and Sense of Belonging to Societal Context”
Simonič B, Rijavec Klobučar N “Divorce as Relational Trauma and Relational Family Therapy”
Žegura I “Shame, Autonomy and Sense of Belonging within Therapeutical Work with LGBT Clients”
Juretić J “Counseling for LGBTIQ Persons”
Knežević T ” Play Therapy Dimensions Model-Orientation to Use (Un)Consciusness and (Non)Directiveness in therapy”
Krivokapic Ž, Dedić G “Intimnost, od zavisnosti do straha od vezivanja”
Mastelica Stokuća S, Pešić M “Are we Alone in Grief? A View from Systemic Family Therapy”
Round table (90′) 
Chair: Miškulin I.
Science and Psychotherapy
Luca Malatesti, Alfred Pritz, Peter Schulthess, Lea Šugman-Bohinc
Case studies (4×30′) 
Chair: Barolin Belić N.
Barolin Belić N “Prezentacija rada s parom kod kojeg je bila prisutna erektilna disfunkcija”
Čulo I, Maravić A, Bačeković A, Puljić A. “Maša i Medvjed”
Kompan Ezrar K, Erzar T “The chalenge of forgiveness in intimate relationships”
Puljić A, Čulo Ilaria, Bačeković Anja, Maravić Anja “Jesenja sonata u Vrapču”
Workshop (120′): Pregrad J “Providing a sense of autonomy and belonging in trauma support (Gestalt therapy perspective)”
Workshop (120′): Urlić A “Shame and Forgiveness After War”
Workshop (120′): Garcia Esteban, F “Using Bioenergetic Analysis to Promote Autonomy and Feelings of Belonging in Relationships”
Workshop (120′): Trapp O “Find Your Core Self and Connect to Others, Practicing Bioenergetic Analysis in a Group Setting”
18:00 – 18:30 Journal promotion (30′) Chair: Moro Lj
Journal Psihoterapija
18:30 – 19:00 Small Groups I-VI

Saturday, October 1st 2016

8:30 – 9:00 Registration
9:00 – 10:30 Keynote Lecture:
Chair: Bastaić Lj.
Simon J “The New Science of Love and Bonding: Exploring the Applications for Couples Therapy“
10:30 – 11:00 Coffee break
11:00 – 13:00
Oral presentations (8×15′) 
Chair: Jurić I.
Pirker-Binder I “Frankl´s Existential Analysis and Logotherapy and its impact on psychosomatic and stress related disorders”
Gjurković T “Paradox of Autonomy”
Dukic H, Parncutt R, Bunt L “Exploring the Role of Music as a Unifying Element In Guided Imagery And Music (GIM) Therapy”
Hagopian S “The Struggle of an Addict on the Way to Autonomy”
Birovljević G, Živčić-Bećirević I, Jakovčić I “In-Session Exposure in Group CBT of Social Anxiety”
Prosen S, Jendričko T “Psychodrama Psychotherapy with the Group of Psychiatric Patients: The Role of Attachment”
Jurić I, Miholić D, Handl H “Psychodrama in Treatment of Patients with Eating Disorders”
Jafarian Namini F, Shojaedin A “ISTDP& LaserAcupuncture for psychosomatic complains a case report and a prospect for more systematic investigation”
Round table (90′) 
Chair: Bezić I.
Psychotherapy and Migrants
Colette Jansen, Joseph Knobel Freud, Martina Moroney, Zdenka Pantić, Peter Schulthess
Presentation with discussion (45′) 
Chair: Košćec Bjelajac A.
Warnecke T. “Belonging and Autonomy – what can we learn from psychobiology?Case studies (2×30′) 
Chair: Čorko Meštrović I.
Čorko Meštrović I “Paradoxical Theory of Change in Gestalt Psychotherapy – Case Study Example”
Jelenić Herega N “Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Simple Phobia (Fear Of Bora) – Case Study”
Workshop (120′): Rička-Žauhar Z; Serdarević I; Butković-Anđelić L; Petris B “Reflektirajući dijalozi ili kako razlika čini razliku?”
Workshop (120′): Subotić Z, Hauser R “Autonomy and a Sense of Belonging in Relationships – Why even happy Couples tend to have Affairs”
Workshop (120′): Šugman Bohinc L, Popović B “Reflecting Team in Postmodern Systemic Therapy – Its Education and Supervision”
Workshop (120′): Barolin Belić N “Što i kako razgovarati i raditi s klijentima kad je prisutna diskrepancija u razini seksualne želje”
Workshop (120′): Cesko, E “Positive Psychotherapy – Basic Concepts and Transcultural Aspects“
13:00 – 14:30 Lunch
14:30 – 16:00 Keynote Lecture
Chair: Sočković J.
Hauser R “God And The Other Are Dead And Alive – Rediscovering Meaning, Our Sense Of Self And Belonging“
16:00 – 16:30 Coffee break
16:30 – 18:30
Oral presentations(7×15′) 
Chair: Rožić T.
Rožić, T. – The Relational Supervision – Opportunity to Work Beyond the Emotional Blockades
Sečnik J “Supervision as a Bridge Between Psychotherapeutic Science and Schools”
Žvelc M “Supervisees’ Experiences of Significant Events in Psychotherapy Supervision”
Dedić G, Krivokapić Ž “Etički problemi psihoterapeuta u radu sa suicidnim pacijentom”
Jurman J, Markanović D, Bagarić B “Potential Client’s Expectations about Duration and Cost of Psychotherapy”
Čevelíček M “Eating Online: Professionals’ Perceptions of Links Among Eating Disorders and Online Behavior”
Kraljević R “Kako kroz savjetovanje povećati osjećaj pripadnosti kod međunarodnih studenata?”
Round table (90′) 
Chair: Sočković J.
Psychotherapists in Public Sphere and Promotion of Psychotherapy
Milan Košuta, Marlot Rappard, Tom Warnecke, Iva Žegura
Case studies (4×30′):
Chair: Sućeska Ligutić R.
Moore LM, Goldner-Vukov M “Songlines: Notes from the Unconscious”
Kurjan Manestar V “Rad s djecom s ADHD-om uz primjenu (psiho)terapije pokretom i plesom, gestalt psihoterapije i dječje psihodrame”
Sućeska Ligutić R “The Baby Who Hasn’t Stop Crying – The Treatment of the Trauma of Post-Natal Separation from Mother”
Ukropova L, Cevelicek M „Awkward to Ask: An Investigation of Inner Dialogues Helps Explain Premature Therapy Termination”
Workshop (120′): Gjurković T, Knežević T “Nurturing Inner Child by Using Theraplay Activities in Work with Children”
Workshop (120′): Ilić V “Autonomy and a Sense Of Belonging in the Light of Systemic Family Therapy – Family Constellations”
Workshop (120′): Dauskardt A “Illusion of Autonomy and Price of Belonging – Insights Gained Through Systemic Constellation Work”
Radionica (120′): Milošević V “Transgenerational Psychodrama – Integratig Genogram into Psychodrama Action”
Book promotion (60′) Chair: Melita Reiner
J. F. Masterson „Potraga za istinskim ja: raskrinkavanje poremećaja ličnosti našeg doba“
18:30 – 20:00 Large Group

Urlić I., Laurinaitis E.

Poster Presentation

NB Abstract Authors
1 Impact of Family and Partner Relationship on Breastfeeding Success Poljanec A, Greif P
2 Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of a Patient with Social Phobia Anton S, Kereta A
3 Trauma and Disorganisated Fragments of Sexual Abuse Experience Čvrljak, A
4 Online terapija kod osoba s narcističnim poremećajem ličnosti Jendričko T, Bošnjak D, Gradiški IP, Makarić P
5 Predicting Alcohol and Cannabis Consumption: Are There Some Recommendations for Psychotherapy? Jerković D, Lotar Rihtaric M, Kranzelić V
6 Patients’ Perceptions of Corrective Experiences in Individual Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Kovacevic Tojnko N
7 From Victim Identity to Sovereignty Prelesnik Korošic N, Kapuralin T
8 Personal Autonomy and Freedom Reiner M
9 Relational Family Therapy with Divorcing Parents in Terms of Autonomy And Belonging Rijavec Klobučar N, Simonič B
10 Combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and EMDR in the Treatment of Crisis, Traumatic Situation Petković J, Tupković E, Riđić D
11 Terapija usmjerena na obitelj i na njezine pojedine članove: različiti hagiopsihoterapijski pristupi Pešić V, Pavlović E
12 Broken trust – autonomy and belonging in therapeutic work with child sexual abuse Profaca B, Španić A, Brezinšćak T, BuljanFlander G
13 Disruptive Personality Adaptation – Expression of a Gargantuan Family Expectations Tomičević M, Sarilar M
14 Unity in diversity Jendričko T., Vranko M., Jurcan G. Plazonić Fabian A.,Debogović Z., Stijačić D.,
15 Teenage Depresion – A Case Review From the Counselling Centre for School Medicine Palinić Cvitanović A
16 Alexithymia in the World of Insecure Attachment and Psychosomatic Disorders Karačić J
17 Integrative Approach versus Eclecticism in Neuro-linguistic Programming Roje M
18 Systemic Family and Gestalt Psychotherapy Integration in Work With Clients Mošić Pražetina I
19 Conscience in the Logotherapeutic Image of Man Barić V, Bojanić M, Musa A, Bojanić K