Invitation  |  EAP Congress 2016 in Zagreb

Dear colleagues,
it is a great honor to invite you to the Congress of European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) which is taking place in Zagreb, Croatia, from September 30th to October 1st, 2016. The theme of the Congress is “Autonomy and a Sense of Belonging”.
The Association of Psychotherapy Societies of Croatia (SPUH) is responsible for the organization of EAP’s 22nd Congress. SPUH is oriented towards the development and promotion of psychotherapy in accordance with European standards.
We invite you to actively participate in and contribute to the success of this Congress. This will be a gathering point for European psychotherapists interested in the essential topic of psychotherapy – working with the struggle between autonomy and sense of belonging. Due to the political and historical background of our country, this topic is of great importance in Croatia.
Our aim is to promote acceptance of our own views, which differ from our introjects, as a basis for allowing others to have different views as well.
The Congress should be a place for exchanging opinions, experiences and knowledge. It should help us take new steps within our own learning process and contribute to the raising of awareness, much like it is done within the psychotherapeutic process itself.
Join us at the EAP congress and broaden your own horizons, as well as ours!
Best regards,
Your EAP-SPUH team