Congress Topics  |  EAP Congress 2016 in Zagreb

Congress Theme, sub-themes and suggested topics
The theme of the Congress is “Autonomy and a Sense of Belonging”.
The Congress sub-themes and suggested topics are as follows:
  • The scientific foundations of psychotherapy (research, methodology, treatment evaluation, propaedeutics)
  • The autonomy of psychotherapy and the possibilities of affiliation (the status of psychotherapy as a profession, cooperation between different fields of psychotherapy, cooperation with other disciplines, psychotherapy within a community, mental health policies, meeting points of various fields, subfields within fields)
  • The relationship between autonomy and the feeling of belonging in the psychotherapeutic process (individual, partner, group therapy; authenticity)
  • The challenges of intimacy in the modern world (sexuality, addiction, narcissism, the virtual world, virtual relationships)
  • The psychotherapy of individuals with psychotic symptoms (interdisciplinary cooperation, psychotherapy and farmacotherapy, psychotic communication, system approach, open dialogue and similar experiences)
  • Ethics in psychotherapy (anonymity, confidentiality, the exposure of clients in public, addiction to power, respect towards the client’s integrity, the promotion of the psychotherapeutic practice, psychotherapy as both a profession and a calling, the usage of new media and technology, transfer and contratransfer, supervision, the ways in which we talk to our clients – aesthetics in psychotherapy)