Call for proposals  |  EAP Congress 2016 in Zagreb

Standards and guidance for submitting papers
We invite you to submit your proposals and thus contribute to the success of the 22nd Congress of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP), which will be a gathering point for psychotherapists and other experts who, in their respective ways, care for the quality of living of individuals, couples, families and groups.
The Association of Psychotherapy Societies of Croatia (SPUH) and the co-organizer Centre for Croatian Studies of the University of Zagreb are responsible for the organization of 22nd EAP Congress, as a place where we can exchange our viewpoints, learnings and experiences, as well as contribute to our own learning process and broadening our awareness, which is one of the main goals of psychotherapy in general.
The Congress sub-themes and suggested topics can be found on Congress Topics page.
It is therefore a pleasure to invite you to actively participate in the upcoming Congress, which is possibile through several formats:

Oral Presentation

  • 15 minutes including a discussion
  • scientific work (either a qualitative or a quantitative approach) or professional paper
  • required abstract content: title, goal, method, results, conclusions


  • 120 minutes
  • required abstract content: title, goal, learning outcomes, workshop content, course of the workshop, expectations from the participants, maximum number of participants

Case Overview

  • 30 minutes
  • required abstract content: title, case description, treatment goals, course of the treatment, evaluation, conclusion


  • scientific work (qualitative or quantitative approach) or professional paper
  • required abstract content: title, goal, method, results, conclusions
  • author’s presence required on the second day of the conference from 6 pm to 6:30 pm

Precongress Workshop

We also invite psychotherapists who have acquired the status of psychotherapy teacher to propose one or two-day precongress workshops. The workshop need to be educational and belong to the field of psychotherapy acknowledged by the EAP. For leaders of One-day Precongress workshop we have prepared a fee of € 500, while for the Two-day Precongress workshop the leader will receive € 1,000.


The invitation is open to psychotherapists from various fields of psychotherapy, researchers and other psychotherapy
experts. The standards for the proposals are following:
  • abstract can be up to 2000 characters
  • if submitting for workshop information about the maximum number of participants must be included
  • a maximum of 3 keywords
  • the maximum title length is 100 characters 
  • the selected topic must be in accordance with congress title and suggested topics
  • the candidate’s biography of maximum 1000 characters is mandatory
  • a properly filled out form (at the end of this web page)


  • the author who will be presenting i.e. the presenter has to be the first one mentioned
  • priority is given to submissions in English
  • abstracts will be printed out in the language they were submitted in
  • the abstract will be included in the program only if the presenter pays a participation fee until June 15th 2016
  • co-authors have to pay a participation fee only if they participate in the congress.

Ready To Submit Papers?

You can apply solely via the congress web page until April 10th 2016. Due to the limited term schedule for active participation, those papers that excel in quality and deal with the most appealing topics will be selected. Workshops selection will take into account the diversity of psychotherapy modalities, also. The selected participants will be informed about the selection via e-mail after May 1st 2016. Every selected participant is required to pay a participation fee of 200€ Early Registration fee.

By actively participating in the Congress “Autonomy and a Sense of Belonging” you will contribute not only to its success, but also to the long-term establishment of psychotherapy as a profession. We are therefore giving you our thanks in advance and are impatiently awaiting your applications!